How to Make Brushing Childrens’ Teeth Easier

Teeth being brushed

We all know how difficult it can sometimes be to get your child to let you brush his or her teeth. So… you want to encourage them and persuade them that it is a good thing, rather battling with them as you’re worried it might put them off even more?

It’s a fact that a regular tooth brushing regime is something that cannot be brushed aside, and is essential for healthy teeth and gums. So how can you make it easier and get them on board?

At Smile we incorporate daily tooth brushing in our nursery programme to help start a good daily habit. We also support the national campaign Smile4life that encourages healthy brushing habits amongst young children. You can find lots of very useful information on their website to help make the whole process easier and to find techniques that can work for you.


Smile4Life is an oral health improvement programme to help adults and children improve their oral health. It covers 4 key themes, which are:

  • encouraging healthy eating and drinking
  • encouraging regular tooth brushing
  • encouraging the promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • visiting the dentist regularly

On the Smile4Life website you can find lots of tips and advices about oral healthcare for babies, children, and even adults. The website has comprehensive information on how to properly brush your teeth, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all you need to know about dental care, knowing your mouth, and much more. Their advocacy remains simple

To give kids a healthy smile by loving the activity that promotes tooth brushing.

Visit their website to find out more and if you have any questions or need any further help or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch or ask one of our staff next time you’re in.